slow fashion

Sustainability by Maru Aldea


Sustainability...Let's talk about it...I worked for over 13 years in the apparel industry & traveled extensively to see how your clothes are made.

We all love fashion right? Yes. Well while it is fun, it is one of the most polluting industries only behind big oil.


The fast fashion biz model isn’t helping... so what can we do to look good while curbing our environmental impact?

Let’s educate ourselves first... TEXTILES...

When you go shopping LOOK at the tags... Here’s a list of the most eco friendly textiles and those that are not; and WHY. eco friendly...

NATURAL: organic cotton organic hemp organic linen organic/piece silk

SYNTHETICS: lyocell/tencell (closed loop) bamboo rayon (closed loop) modal (closed loop) recycled/upcycled materials.

But those are way more $$$...


If you want to stay in budget and be more conscious here’s a list to go by:

LINEN *Linen is a plant-based fabric made from flax which can be grown on rough terrain that’s unsuitable for food production. It can be cultivated and processed without chemicals, though this is more commonly found in Europe and less so in China.

COTTON *cotton textiles create a lot of environmental impact however because of the amount of labor and resources it takes from nature but it is biodegradable.

WOOL *If you’re comfortable with the fact that wool  is an animal product, this could be the most environmentally friendly option. Wool is tough, wrinkle-resistant, resilient, and it can “absorb up to 30 percent of its weight in moisture before feeling damp” . It holds colorful dyes easily, without use of chemicals.

PSSST... polyester is NOT biodergadable therefore every piece of clothing made since the invention of polyester is still in circulation unless burned. What’s more, polyester is, in part, derived from petroleum and the oil  manufacturing industry is the world’s largest pollutant.

Why should i care?!

Because we love mother earth...

Buy less; buy better.

You CAN be fashionable while reducing your environmental impact.